NEW FOR 2014 the Province purchased two standard’s 

The Centenary Jewel was  designed by Brother D. Moore R.O.H. H.M. Exeter Provincial Grand Lodge Secretary
and produced by Crest Regalia   

100 years old and still going strong!

The Exeter Province was founded on 01 August 1910 the province is in its 100 years.


The gavel sounded for opening, By the Primo, so stately and stout;

The Tyler then closed the lodge door,

And Brothers gather for the count. The roll call and business dealt with,

Then the late-comers gave the alarm,

The Waiters and Steward got busy, And soon we were bending our arm,

The Primo looked rather savage,

As he roared and proceeded to roast,  A few of those unworthy Brothers, 

Who partook before the toast,

A charge or two decided,

The Evidence given was good, Some Primo’s just have no conscience,

He fined every Brother who stood,

The Constable moved around freely, With a grin of horrible glee;

As he waited on unfortunate brothers,

And collected the appropriate fee. Good items of harmony were rendered, Artists we have by the score;

The brothers dobbed in quite freely,

In sums of two pence or more. The Steward then brought in the fodder,

All set out daintly and neat;

The Lodge room was then turmoil, As signal was given to eat,

Some Brothers just have no manners,

Their aim is to be there first; While some sit around quite contented,

Quenching their terrible thirsts.

The time slips away quite un-noticed. Till you find that it’s near time to call;

For the receipt of the evening,

A good night has been had by all.



(The recent piece of prose regarding the “old Buff”, prompted the printing of this poem entitled “The Old Brigade” from a very old Buffalo Magazine.)


As you travel through the Lodge’s Of the Order – so far flung;

You will notice a band of heroes Who remain – as yet unsung.

They’re the stalwarts of the Order, The veterans of the trade;

The backbone of their Lodges, The Loyal Old Brigade.

They never miss their Lodge night, Come rain or hail or snow;

For their hearts are in the order, And they feel that they MUST go.

When others feel like slacking, When the young’uns faint and fade;

You’ll find them in the opening link, The steady Old Brigade.

Does a Brother need a helping hand, In sickness or distress?

They’re always there to do their bit, To comfort – and to bless!

They stand their turn in office, Never hope to be repaid;

Except by easy conscience, The Stalwart Old Brigade.

They cling unto their Mother Lodge, Like a child to mother’s gown;

And their presence is a lighthouse, When things are going down.

They’re the cream of the Order, May their glory never fade;


So – “S. T. B. Old Soldiers”




For more Information about Lodges In the Exeter Province please contact the Provincial Grand Secretary
E-mail: pgs@exeterbuffs.co.uk