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History and foundation

The local part of our Order is known as the Exeter Province and we celebrated our 100th. Anniversary in 2010, and our area encompasses Exeter, Exmouth, Beer, Okehampton, Sidmouth, Cullompton and Tiverton and totals 14 LodgesThe Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes are more commonly known as the R.A.O.B. or “Buffs” and the long word in our title simply means “Before the Flood”, and is a world-wide Fraternal Organisation and mainly devoted to charitable works.Our Province collectively selects a Charity for a year and works hard to the benefit of that chosen one. Devon Air Ambulance, RNLI, Hospiscare, Stroke Unit, Diabetes, children and Senior Citizens are among the many that we help, but not satisfied with this, individual Lodges also adopt a Charity or Charities. For many years we provided a Father Christmas and many presents for the children of Bramble Ward in the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.We have two Convalescent Homes, the largest, Grove House is in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and the other one is Britney House in Paignton, Devon. These are mainly for the use of Convalescing Members and their families but when there are vacancies they are also open to the public. We keep a friendly eye on widows and those left with families and help the orphaned children with their education. Sick Brothers and their families are also cared for as best as we can.We have four Degrees, the First has the symbol of a Kangaroo and is known as that with the colour of green, the Second is Certified Primo with the colour of dark blue, the Third is Knight Order of Merit with the colour of red, the highest Degree is the Fourth, known as Roll of Honour with the colour of light blue. The First is on Initiation, the Second can only be obtained after one year and passing an exacting examination, the Knight after a further three years and Roll of Honour after a further five years but these are only achieved with the necessary attendances in every year, 40 out of 52 and 8 out of each 13. Each Degree has its own medals known to us as jewels which can be base metal, silver or gold, also sashes, aprons and cuffs and our Ceremonies are taken very seriously. We have our own Ceremony too at a Brother’s funeral.There is a misconception that we are a Secret Society which is incorrect, the only things secret are a few passwords and signs, there is no special handshake now, so the best description of us is a Society with secrets, which is very different.
Please look through our website at your leisure bearing in mind that in our contact area we will be more than happy to give more information or put you in touch with people in your local area. We are determined to continue that which was started by our forefathers and show that in these modern times there is still a place for people to support the Community and each other.

The date of 1910 is correct. Exeter was a District Primo Lodge in 1908 and upgraded to a PGL two years later. Most of the West county up until the first decade of the 1900's comprised a makeup of Banner Lodge. Devonshire I believe were PGL No. 65 under the GLE and opened in 1895 or 96. Plymouth opened 1900 (quote un-quote) However in both Devonshire and Plymouth were GLE missionary's of Lional Jacobs who went around Minor Lodge making them change from GLE Ltd etc to become GLE lodges. Not sure why the Chapter states 1890 as the first official Chapter of GLE No.1 was Nottingham. Merthyr was No. 2. both opened in 1909. However Nottingham only celebrated its centenary in 1910. Try and decipher the names on the Chapter Warrant and I will try and make some sense of the date. 

Thanks to Brother Bob Philpott ROH for this information

 Ned Stone one of the founders of Oketon Lodge