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Types of Lodges

Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge is made up of delegates from Provincial Grand Lodges and administers the Order nationally.

Grand Lodge runs and maintains the Convalescent Homes owned by the Order and supports the community as a whole. The degree of participation at any level is entirely voluntary and at the discretion of each individual Brother. Many confine their activities to their own Minor Lodge and do not seek advancement. There is no stigma attached to anyone who does not wish to become active at Provincial Grand Lodge or Grand Lodge.

The provision of care and support for our members works hand in glove with our support for local, regional and national charities

The Provincial Grand Lodge

A Provincial Grand Lodge collectively administers a group of lodges known as a Province. Members who have chosen to be active at this level and have proven their knowledge of the rules and procedures attend the P.G.L. to carry this out. P.G.L. meets once a month.

The Minor Lodge

The Minor Lodge is the cornerstone around which the Order is built. First and foremost we are all members of our own Minor Lodge. Brothers can, if they wish, belong to more than one Lodge; all Brothers must be part of a Lodge. The majority of Lodges meet weekly; though some meet fortnightly or monthly if needs dictate. Each Minor Lodge supports its members and the community at a local level.