Absent Brethren

This is the hymn that we sing at every meeting of any Lodge held anywhere in the World;


Spirit Of Truth, before we homeward wend 

On Thee we call; 

Assist us each to succour and defend 
Good Brethren all 
From cares and sorrows 
Absent Brethren free 
Where'er they roam, in Air, on Land, or Sea 

Let Thy kind Spirit hover round them now 
And so enthral; 
That they will keep their Obligation Vow 
So say we all 
And when on us the Ivy leaves descend 
Grant we may join Thy link, our Brother's Friend


To the Brothern who are scattered Over Air Land and Sea,
Let us wish them once more. Their Loved ones to See

To the Brethern lying in Bed in Sickness and in Pain,
Let us wish them once more Their Health to Regain.

To the Brethren Departed in Memory of Love
May their Soul Rest in Peace in the Grand Lodge Above